Thursday, February 18, 2016

Business Owner Area: Logging In and Getting Started

After you have the proper equipment, we will set up a MVL Business Owner account. Still need to get equipment? See here. Use the Business Owner area to setup your contact information, generate business card designs and flyers, create a Test account…also use to create client Realtor accounts, add funds to order tours, upload tours, edit tours, upload custom client videos, request any new brokerage designs for Realtor’s company, etc. URL to login: You’ll receive this URL in an automated email as well as a username and password to complete the login. Note: What email should you use?  You can either use your own business email if you have one, or we can set up a business email using (let us know).

Getting Started:

  1. Update your profile information
    1. After you login, click “Real Estate Virtual Tours” photoreal estate virtual tours login
    2. Scroll and click “My BO Profile”
    3. Click “Create My Profile”
    4. Add your work phone number and other info, Title can be: Virtual Tour Provider
    5. Note: All this information will be used on marketing materials
    6. Click "Save my Profile"
  2. Request Marketing Materials design
    1. After you login, scroll and click on "Marketing Center"
    2. For each marketing material, check off the box and click "Send me PDF File" - this will request designs for Business Card, Flyer and any other designs in the Marketing Center area
  3. Create a Test account for Test tours - This will be used to upload your free test tours that will be reviewed, not to be used for clients!
    1. Note: Before a test tour is uploaded, review the required shooting settings for panoramics and the panoramic upload process.
    2. After you login, scroll to "Real Estate Agents"
    3. Click on "Create Real Estate Agent"
    4. Fill out the fields. All you need is a first name (John), last name (Doe) and your email.
    5. Click "Create Member's Account"
    6. Note: this is the Test agent you will use to upload all Test tours
These are the main steps to getting started in your MVL Business Owner area.  Please contact us first before you do test shoots so you understand the process and proper settings in order for the panoramic shots to be accepted for stitching.

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