Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Uploading Panoramic Shots to MVL

When uploading a tour for a client that has panoramics, make sure you choose "360 Panoramic Scene" under Select Tour Package AND "Premium Skin" under Select Tour Skin. The system includes 4 panoramics to be stitched. If clients want more than four, select how many extra panoramics under Extra Pans dropdown. My_Visual_Listings_-_Premium_Panoramic_Tours The next page you select the Realtor and input the property information such as address, city, state...number of bedrooms and bathrooms...the property type and style. Check off "Set music as Random and skip the "Select Music" step." Now you can upload your still shots in the Stills folder. Must be in order. For Panoramics, highlight the folder by clicking once, then select "New Folder" and fill out the label for the room. This is where you upload each set of panoramic shots by clicking on Add Files button and selecting your 11 photos of that one room. Virtual_Tour_Panoramics Here's what one set of panoramic photos look like. Shot in manual mode, with manual flash, checking the exposure throughout each shot (no blown out windows). All photos are consecutive 11 shots (1 shot is an overlap). This would be added to the Living Room folder: real estate professional photography_01 real estate professional photography_02 real estate professional photography_03 real estate professional photography_04 real estate professional photography_05 real estate professional photography_06 real estate professional photography_07 real estate professional photography_08 real estate professional photography_09 real estate professional photography_10 real estate professional photography_11 Once all the files are added to both the Stills and Panoramics folders, you can then click "Start Upload." Make sure you verify that the upload has completed and nothing was stalled during upload.

Uploading Panoramic Shots to MVL is courtesy of http://myvisuallistingsprovider.com/

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